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Snowshoe Hare Books

Hi guys! I know I said I was only posting on Saturdays, but for the next few weeks (until Christmas Eve) I will be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as Saturdays. I am doing a corresponding book post with the animal post on my other blog, All Creatures Great and Small. Today’s animal is the snowshoe hare. Check out my post on them here if you want to find out about the animals themselves.

I am only going to talk about one book in this post, but in future posts, I will try to find more. I was having trouble finding books that feature snowshoe hares.

The Animal’s Santa by Jan Brett

I am a big fan of Jan Brett. She does amazing illustrations that you will love no matter what age you are. As you can see, even the cover is beautiful. Along with the illustrations, the story is amusing. It starts off with Big Snowshoe telling Little Snowshoe that the animal’s Santa is bringing presents. Little Snow doesn’t believe them, and sets off on an adventure to see for himself that there really is an animal’s Santa.


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