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Seal Books

Hi guys! Here’s a list of seal book recommendations. If you are interested in the seals themselves, check out my post on All Creatures Great and Small here.

“The White Seal” by Rudyard Kipling

“The White Seal” is an adorable short story. This book starts off on an island in the Arctic Circle. Kotick is the first white seal ever born on the island. When Kotick discovers that some of the seals are hunted for their skins every year, he sets off to find an island where they can live without danger. He then goes on an adventure, asking different animals where he might find the island. There is also an old animated version of the short story.

Ice Drift by Theodore Taylor

Ice Drift is a great book that actually focuses on seals being hunted, but I thought it would be good to include some pro seal books and some on seal hunting. This book also delves into the history and culture of Native Alaskans. It is the year 1868. Alika and Sulu are brothers who are seal hunting on an ice floe when suddenly it breaks off. Follow the two boys on their six month journey along the Greenland Strait, where they will face cold, starvation and polar bears.

Seal by Victoria Dickenson

Seal is a great way to explore the history and science of seals. It shows how seals had an impact on ancient cultures, as well as a dive into myths and legends surrounding them. It also talks about the conservation efforts that have been made, especially those with the monk seal.

Thanks for reading!

Photo Credits: Header: Pexels “The White Seal” and Ice Drift: Book Bliss


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