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Snowy Owl books

Hi guys! In researching for this post, I found that owls are used a lot in literature, although snowy owls themselves are not features of most of that. If you want to learn about the scientific side of snowy owls, check out my blog post on All Creatures Great and Small here.

Snowy Owl: A Visual History by Paul Bannick

This book, written by photographer Paul Bannick explores the natural history of snowy owls, including the latest research in that field, and amazing photography that takes you through the world of the snowy owl.

Snowy Owl Invasion! : Tracking an Unusual Migration by Sandra Markle

Snowy Owl Invasion! Explores the reason behind the phenomenon that made snowy owls start appearing in southern Canada, and even Florida. Sandra Markle brings first hand research, as well as stunning photography. Follow her and explore this fascinating invasion and see what some scientists learned when presented with the opportunity to study them up close.

Snowy Owl Story by Melissa Kim

Snowy Owl Story follows one snowy owl in it’s journey and the struggle of having to look in unfamiliar places for food. Based on a true story, a snowy owl describes the recent irruption of snowy owls in the United States.

If you like children’s books with amazing illustrations and poetic, sweet storylines, Owl Moon by Jane Yolen is the book for you. While it doesn’t contain a Snowy Owl, it does feature a Great Horned Owl.

Photo Credits: Header: Audubon; Snowy Owl: A Visual Natural History: Mountaineers; Snowy Owl Invasion: Overdrive; Snowy Owl Story: Thriftbooks; Closing: Book Bliss


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