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Snow Leopard Books

Hi guys! Here are a few book recommendations about Snow Leopards. If you want to find out more about the science of Snow Leopards, check out my blog post on All Creatures Great and Small here.

Saving the Ghost of the Mountain: An Expedition Among Snow Leopards in Mongolia by Sy Montgomery

In this book, you will learn scientific facts about snow leopards, as well as the perseverance that is needed to research these elusive creatures and how the research is performed. This book also includes amazing photography taken by Nic Bishop.

The Search for the Snow Leopard by Franklin W. Dixon

This book is a classic Hardy Boys mystery. Frank and Joe set off to find a snow leopard that was given to Bayport by a mysterious princess. When the princess herself disappears, they set off to find her and the dangerous snow leopard, but they might run into an ambush on the way.

Snow Leopard, Stories from the Roof of the World

This book is a collection of first person accounts of viewings snow leopards, and incredible stories of people involved with them.

Three Cups of Tea Young Readers Edition by Greg Mortenson

This book is about a mountaineer who decides he wants to climb Pakistan’s K2, and ends up building schools for many impoverished mountain villagers. This book does not feature snow leopards directly, although it does talk about them briefly. It mainly talks about rural life in Asian mountains, and is an inspiring story.


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