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Polar Bear Books

Hi guys! This post is about polar bear books! As per usual, you can find my post on the science behind polar bears here.

As you probably know from previous posts, I love Jan Brett, so my first book about polar bears is one of her books.

The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett

This book is an adorable arctic adaptation of goldilocks in which Aloo-ki, an inuit girl goes out looking for her sled dogs when she finds an empty igloo. Mama, Papa and Baby bear rescue her dogs, which had floated out on an ice floe, and go back to their igloo to find Aloo-ki sleeping on their bed.

The Polar Bear Son: an Inuit Tale by Lydia Dobcovich

This book features an old woman who raises a polar bear cub as her son. When a jealous villager threatens his life, she is forced to let him go into the wild. This book is a retelling of a traditional Inuit story.

Ice Bear: Read and Wonder: In the Steps of the Polar Bear by Nicola Davies

This book is a nonfiction journey into the world of the polar bear. You will follow the footsteps of a polar bear as it struggles in the midst of global warming. This book also includes paintings from Gary Blythe


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