Guest Post

Hi guys! Today I’m going to have a guest post from my younger sister Maddy. She’s posting a story she wrote called “Destiny”

Hi! I’m her sister Maddy. and I’m going do a guest post on a story I wrote. I like writing, biking and reading (especially reading). I hope you enjoy!


Juliet Montgomery was walking through the woods behind her yard when a frightened hare darted in front of her. It had wood brown fur and leaf green eyes. She had never seen it before or anything like it. She watched it skitter through the foliage and soon it was out of sight. Of course, the built in camouflage helped with that. 

Juliet thought nothing of it until the next day. She was walking in the woods again and came across the spot where she had seen the hare. Except, there in its trail, was a long line of bronze coins. On one side, there was the face of some guy with a shaggy beard and hair and on the other there was a weird animal that was almost dragon-like. Around it arranged on the left, top, and right were these letters r or p, a, and n. Pan? Ran? I wonder what it is, she thought. They must be ancient. The edges are all rough. Juliet slipped the coin into her pocket for further examination. 

Juliet started to follow the coins wondering how they got there. The trail was leading her deeper and deeper into the woods. Starting to get nervous, she checked the sky to make sure it wasn’t too late. It wasn’t. As she continued following the trail Juliet noticed with horror that the coins were sinking into the earthen floor behind her. She was lost as she had never been here before, so she might as well follow the trail to its end. If there was one. Sighing, Juliet thought, Why did I follow this trail? If I hadn’t, I would be home by now. Hopefully she would be back home by dark.

Suddenly the trail stopped. Looking around her, Juliet saw there was nothing but dense forest. Then she looked down and noticed that there was a hole small enough for a hare to fit through. Dang it! She thought. Of course the trail would end at the hare’s home, it made the trail after all. What would she do now? It was starting to get dark and harder to see.

Then, out of the hole came the hare. Startled, Juliet stumbled back. The hare started writing something down in the dirt. “I am the guardian of the forest. You may call me Ghost” She read out loud. She paused, then asked, “Why Ghost? I can see you well enough.”

 “Because you are the first to see me. I am that good at hiding” He wrote indignantly.

“And not boastful at all, I can see.”

Harumphing, the hare said, “I shall take that as a personal insult.” 

“Good. It was meant as one.” She retorted.

The hare started having a coughing fit. “Shut up and follow me if you want to get to your house today.” He said, rubbing his rear paw over the messages he had just written.

“Wait a second. How are you talking? You’re a bunny.” Juliet said, staring at him.

“For the record, I am a hare not a bunny. And, as I said before, I am the guardian of the forest. There are many perks to that. Talking, invisibility, super speed, the like.” 

“Ah-ha! So you aren’t good at hiding, you’re invisible! Hold on. If you’re invisible, how am I seeing you right now?

“See, that’s the real question. I don’t know. No one has seen me since, well, never. No matter. We must be off now so we will arrive before dark when your puny human eyes can’t see.”

“Alright,” she said. “But can you see in the dark?”

“That’s beside the point.”

They arrived safely at Juliet’s house, just before dark. 

“See? I told you we would make it in time.”

Rolling her eyes, she said, “Goodbye Ghost. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Most certainly not!” Ghost said. “I doubt we will ever see each other again. I do hate meddling with you puny humans.”

“Fine with me,” said Juliet as she walked towards the front door. She had to go around the side of the house and as she did, she saw that one of the windows was completely shattered. Not a single shard was left in the window pane. But the funny thing was, there was no glass on the lawn or in the house. Rushing inside, Juliet shouted, “Mom! Dad! Where are you?!”

There was no answer. Panicking, Juliet ran through the whole whole house. At last she collapsed on her bed exhausted, afraid, and dearly missing her parents. What if they had been kidnapped?

When Juliet woke up the next day, she was still in the clothes from the day before. Starting to cry, she remembered everything that happened yesterday. The hare, the trail of coins, and most of all, the broken window pane. She continued to cry for sometime if she hadn’t heard someone’s footsteps coming to her room.

Frightened, Juliet cowered under the covers. Then, the unexpected happened. Her parents were coming into her room! She leaped up and ran over to hug them. “Where have you been?! I was so scared when I saw the broken window pane. What happened?”

“Oh honey,” said Juliet’s mom. “I’m so sorry. We didn’t mean to scare you.”

“When we came home from work, we set down our things to go on a walk. We forgot that the house had an automatic lock and forgot our keys inside.” Said her dad.
Her parents continued to tell Juliet what happened. They had broken all the window glass so it would be safe to go into, for there was no other way in. Once inside, they got the vacuum and cleaned up all the glass. Hoping no one would notice the open window, they had left to get a new one. 

“I left a note that said what happened and where we were. Didn’t you see it? I left it on the dining table.” said her mom.

“Oh! So that’s what that was. I was so scared that I ran past it thinking it was scrap paper.”

“That’s okay,” said her dad. “At least you know now.”

“Yeah,” said Juliet, once again hugging them, glad they were safe. She completely forgot about the hare.


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