Blog series and childhood stories

Hi guys! As you can see in the title, I’m just going to post a sneak peek of the series that I’m starting as well as take a look at stories I wrote when I was younger. Some of them are super embarrassing, so be ready for some cringy moments.

My blog series is called When Shadows Come to Light. I will post an instalment of this story every Friday. I will still have regular posts on Saturdays for the duration of the series. The Saturday posts will most likely be specifically book/tag based as I’m writing for this series. This sneak peek is from the middle of the series, so you won’t find out more for a while.

She ran outside, not even caring about the tempest going on around her. “Cara!” he yelled. Cara didn’t listen. All she wanted to do was get away. Away from him. He didn’t know how much he’d hurt her. Cara ran to the old oak tree. She went there when she didn’t know what to do. She leaned against its sturdy trunk, wondering how long it had stood there. How many people had leaned against its comforting bark. She rubbed the inside of her wrist and felt the scar. It brought back past pain, and took her mind away from the pain of that day.

I have loved writing ever since I was really little, and I thought it would be fun to post about a few that I made. I will showcase three stories (although I wrote many more): The Story of Super Action!, If I were an Animal, and A Book of Surprises.

The Story of Super Action:

Note: I was five when I wrote this, so please forgive my handwriting, illustrations, spelling and grammar.

The Story of Super Action!

Mrs. Windy saw a monster and told Super Action and asked Super Action to fight the monster.

And he did. Mrs. Windy had to thank him for fighting the monster . The monster was defeated. Hurray for Super Action and Mrs. Windy.

Mrs. Kaly saw a talking building and it could walk and she asked Super Action.

And Super Action fought the building and he tipped the building.

And when you go there too, to go to Super Action, he will be pleased to see you. The End.

If I Were an Animal

I was 7ish when I wrote this for my sister’s birthday. I don’t remember my exact age. I didn’t do it alphabetically and it’s driving me crazy now.

The Book of Surprises

Note: I was 10ish when I made this for my sister’s birthday. It’s a pop-up book of sorts.

The frog opens and closes his mouth.

The snake twists around.

That was a pretty long post, but I hope you enjoyed it.


6 thoughts on “Blog series and childhood stories”

  1. Thank you Cari for sharing. Your sketching has paid off as you are improving constantly. You have inspired me to try, Iā€™m working on birds and botanical line drawing like what I got from you.
    Thanks again for sharing, Aunt Laurie

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