When Shadows Come to Light

When Shadows Come to Light: Powers?

Sorry this is late– I forgot to press publish before I went out of town on Friday.

Cara settled in at the camp, asking many questions that went unanswered, which bothered her, but at least she was safe. She befriended Ace, and made a few other friends while she was there, but nothing worth mentioning happened in those nine years. 

Now she was fifteen, and had lived there for nine years. It could get boring, but usually their schedule was packed with school and training. What for, she didn’t know. They would practice their fighting skills and were required to take a self defense class, which she didn’t think was held in regular schools.

She usually met with Ace at three to study, but when she went over to the courtyard where they met, he was talking to a man. It was the man who she had met so many years ago on her first day. Eventually she had found out that he was the headmaster. But why was Ace talking to him? 

Even though it was sneaky, she decided to eavesdrop. It wasn’t like she was doing something illegal. 

“I really don’t feel comfortable keeping this from Cara, Mr. Reid. When can I tell her. I thought you said it wouldn’t hurt her.” Ace said in a low voice, sounding upset.

“It’s fine. She won’t be hurt. It’s for her own safety. It’s not like I wanted to tell you, you were the one who interrupted our meeting.”

“So I should be punished for your lack of security?” 

“I thought I could trust you, Ace, but apparently not.”

“She’ll be fine with it, I’m sure. I’m just done with being a part of your sick game. Stop messing with her and give her the whole truth. She’s lived here for nine years. She deserves it.” 

“You don’t understand. If she was told about her powers, that would put her in even more danger. I’m not sure that she’ll be able to gain control of them soon enough and we can’t risk her being kidnapped again.” 

“You’re just being selfish! I’m going to find her right now and tell her the truth. Where is she?”

“I’m losing my patience.” Mr. Reid said angrily.

Ace ran away, in her direction, not spotting her yet. Cara walked out so he could see her, not caring about the storm that had started up.

“What were you talking about? Why did you lie to me? What powers?”

“Cara, you don’t understand. I didn’t want to lie to you. I can explain.” 

“I think I understand enough. You have lied to me for years about something I’ve been trying to find out. I trusted you, Ace.”

She ran away, not even caring about the tempest going on around her. 

“Cara!” he yelled. 

Cara didn’t listen. All she wanted to do was get away. Away from him. He didn’t know how much he’d hurt her. Cara ran to the old oak tree. She went there when she didn’t know what to do. She leaned against its sturdy trunk, wondering how long it had stood there. How many people had leaned against its comforting bark. She rubbed the inside of her wrist and felt the scar. It was a habit, rubbing the scar, reminding her of the childhood she had before it happened. 


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