When Shadows Come to Light

When Shadows Come to Light: Life and Death

Cara disappeared into the alley, following her instincts and entering a dilapidated building after an hour’s walk. 

At that moment, time came to a standstill. All of the events from the years before hit her. EVIL, Ace’s sort of betrayal, where she even came from. Here pain, internal and external fell on her like an avalanche. 

Cara leaned against the wall and slid down.She buried her head between her knees as a single tear paved a lonely path down her cheek. 

Why did Ace have to betray her? Cara really liked him, until he dropped the bombshell that was her past- at least part of it. It felt like he had ripped her heart out.How could he keep that a secret for so long? It was her past. Yes, Mr. Yates told him not to tell her, but when had leadership, of all people stopped him?

Cara wanted to stay with him, but she knew she had to go. She would never be able to trust him again, and that broke her heart. He had been her strong point throughout the years. It was a given that pretty much wherever Cara went, Ace would go too. They were Bonnie and Clyde,the little imps, attached at the hip from their first meeting. 

Cara had lost her other half, and she would grow from that. A flame ignited in her heart, spurring her to put away the past with Ace and prove to him that she could live without him and be better for it. Maybe even stronger for it. 

Her body felt rigid, ready to go out and do something. Fight someone. Be a new and improved Cara. Though. Strong. Intelligent. Not afraid to use her power. Not for others, for herself. For the gain of her cause. 

Cara was tired of being a weapon, being fought over as the prize of a sick game of tug-of-war. No. They might think they could control her, but she would steal that notion from them. 
She could, and would disappear. Let them try and catch her. She’d watch and laugh. She was empowered to be the best Cara she could be. “It’s go time.” Car smirked and stood up, ready to live again.


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