Reading Journal!

Hi guys!

I just started a reading journal last weekend, and I’m super excited about it. I already have a bullet journal, but I wanted somewhere where I could have some more creativity for a purpose. I made it in a scrapbook style, so I used pages from the book safes my sister and I made to decorate it. Because my sister’s book safe was a dictionary, it had cream paper that I used for many things. My book safe was made out of an art history book, so it has white paper that I used as accents, and it also had pictures that I used to trim some pages.

I used many things for inspiration. Most of the time, I just used pinterest, or came up with it on my own. The cover was my design, as well as both quotes. I got inspiration for the 2021 book releases spread on pinterest, but configured it on my own. I pretty much copied the quotes to remember and words to learn spreads from pinterest as well. The individual book spreads were my design with inspiration from several places, and the rating system was mine too.

I just got a plain, unlined journal to use.

This is my cover page.

I just did a fun quote and a log where I’ll record what number of my total reads this year it is, the title, my rating, the start and finish dates of when I read it as well as how many pages it had.

Here is a little calendar I made for all of the book releases in 2021 that I’m interested in.

This is where I’ll record my favorite quotes I come across in books as well as fun words that I find, because I’m a big logophile.

Here’s an example of the spreads I’ll do for books I used Girls of July by Alex Flinn (I’ll be doing a review of that soon). I recorded the page count, publication date, genre, format I read it in, the speed it read, and ratings for plot, characters and the overall book. Later on I included my favorite quotes and my review. Some will be a bit different. For example, I might do an in depth analysis of plots and characters for fantasy books. I might just do one page for some books, as not all of the books I read need in depth analysis.

Here’s my rating system (the same one that’s on my about page) and a random quote that I liked.

Do you have a reading journal or a bullet journal? Would you want to do one? Would you like to see my bullet journal or future updates in my reading journal? Comment down below!


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