When Shadows Come to Light

When Shadows Come to Light: Revenge

Ace couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t true. They said Cara had been killed in a car accident during her escape. There wasn’t much left after it, as the car had spontaneously combusted, leaving no trace except a wrecked car. The only way that they knew it was Cara was because of a witness who said they saw someone that looked exactly like Cara get hit. They could have been lying, but they said the picture of her looked exactly like the girl they saw. 

In his heart, Ace didn’t think she was dead. She was smarter than to die in a car crash. The old Ace would say there was nothing to do except trust what they told him, but Ace was done following the rules. He would find Cara, or at least the truth at any rate. 

Cara’s plan was this: she would fake her death and stay in a safe place and secretly plan revenge on both EVIL and the old facility, as well as Ace. She would make them all regret that they ever crossed paths with her. 

Her death had been an easy feat, she stole a car and placed a bomb in it. Because it wasn’t a high profile case, everyone had accepted the facts. All she had to do was hire a “witness” and it was all set. 

Adrenaline flowed through her body as she set up her first plan of revenge. She would spare nothing but innocent bystanders. Cara had always been good with computers, and now she knew why. She had stolen it from someone. Now she could use her powers for her own gain, instead of keeping them trapped inside her. 

Cara planned to hack into EVIL’s system and see if they were keeping other innocent children in their facilities. If there were, she would save them somehow and get future revenge on EVIL. Her plan wasn’t amazing, but she couldn’t be patient any longer. Her body hummed with energy that she couldn’t control as she ran out to complete her task. 


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