Quarter Review

Hi guys! Because I don’t do monthly wrap ups I decided that I’d do quarter reviews instead (basically every three months).

Books Read

I have a goal to read 115+ books this year. I’m happy where I am on that goal as of now. Because school is gearing up, I didn’t read that many books in March, but I usually balance things out in summer.


In January, I mainly read the books for my five star predictions post.

Making Bombs for Hitler by Marsha Scrypuch

Rating: ★★★★★ Genre: Historical Fiction Age Group: Middle Grade

I reread this book because I was reading The War Below and didn’t remember how this book went. It was good for a Middle Grade fiction book, and when I originally read it, I felt like there was more action than there was.

The Storm Runner by J. C. Cervantes

Rating: ★★★ Genre: Fantasy Age Group: Middle Grade

I read this book because I really liked Rick Riordan’s books, but it was really bland for me and I struggled to finish it.

Jinxed by Amy McCulloch

Rating: ★★★★ Genre: Sci-Fi Age Group: Middle Grade

This book was a fun and light read. It was really quick, as it was a middle grade book, but it was pretty good.

Not if I Save You First by Ally Carter

Rating: ★★★.5 Genre: Adventure Age Group: YA

This book was decent. I’ve wanted to read one of Ally Carter’s books for a while, and I decided to go with this one before getting into the Embassy Row or Gallagher Girls series. It kind of fell flat at some point, and I was expecting more substance

Overall, I read some pretty good books, and I read more middle grade books than usual, and the ones on my five star predictions list were generally more enjoyable. I read a total of twelve books this month.


The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

Rating: ★★★★★ Genre: Adventure Age Group: Middle Grade

This book was really sweet and had some very good aspects. I loved their interactions with the wolves especially, and it showcased the children creating a family for themselves which was really cute. I’m honestly disappointed that I didn’t read it when I was younger, as I would have enjoyed it even more.

Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

Rating: ★★★★★ Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy Age Group: YA

Archenemies was amazing. I love the interactions between Nova and Adrian (if you’ve read it, then you know what I’m talking about) and how they interact with their different identities.

The Fire Keeper by J. C. Cervantes

Rating: ★★★ Genre: Fantasy Age Group: Middle Grade

Honestly, I don’t know why I kept on with this trilogy. At least The Fire Keeper was better than The Storm Runner.

Unleashed by Amy McCulloch

Rating: ★★★★.5 Genre: Sci Fi Age Group: Middle Grade

This book was better than Jinxed. The plot was more interesting, and it had more “intense” scenes (though they weren’t really that intense).

The Shadow Crosser by J. C. Cervantes

Rating: ★★★ Genre: Fantasy Age Group: Middle Grade

I had to finish the trilogy, I was 2/3 of the way through and I couldn’t stop. Honestly, I liked this book even better than the others for some reason. It still wasn’t that good.

Supernova by Marissa Meyer

Rating: ★★★★★ Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy Age Group: YA

The whole Renegades trilogy ripped me to pieces. I really like Marissa Meyer’s books, and enjoyed the trilogy the whole way through. The end drove me crazy, as it left a cliffhanger and there are no more books.

The Stolen Girl by Marsha Scrypuch

Rating: ★★★.5 Genre: Historical Fiction Age Group: Middle Grade

The Stolen Girl was pretty good, it was a bit flat though. It was mainly about a girl adjusting to her life in Canada and trying to find her sister. It was definitely not my favorite of her books.

Quiet Power by Susan Cain

Rating: ★★★★★ Genre: Nonfiction Age Group: Middle Grade/YA

Quiet Power was my first for fun nonfiction book of the year! It was really good, and you can check out my review here.

I liked most of my February books, even though I couldn’t read as much as I did in January. I read a total of eight books this month.


Legacy by Nikki Grimes

Rating: ★★★★★ Genre: Poetry Age Group: Any age

I really loved Legacy. It took poems from lesser known African American women from the Harlem Renaissance and created golden shovel poems out of a line from that poem. It also included super cool art from African American women artists.

Girls of July by Alex Flinn

Rating: ★★★ Genre: Realistic Fiction Age Group: YA

I liked Girls of July, especially since it was my first book club book. It was slightly cliché, but was enjoyable nonetheless. The book focused more on the character building instead of the plot, and without the great characters, the book wouldn’t be good at all.

The Tuesday Club Murders by Agatha Christie

Rating: ★★★★ Genre: Mystery Age Group: Adult

I love Agatha Christie books and am trying to finish them all eventually. These short stories were really clever, and I loved the setup of how they told them. In the end, Mrs. Marple saves the day, stunning everyone with her surprising village knowledge.

I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Rating: ★★★★★ Genre: Realistic Fiction Age Group: YA

I loved I’ll Give you the Sun so much. It was very intense and emotional. It almost made me cry (and I never cry over books). I’ll definitely be doing a review soon. The plot was amazing and original, and I absolutely loved the characters.

Hunted by Meagan Spooner

Rating: ★★★★ Genre: Fantasy/Retelling Age Group: YA

Hunted was good. I was expecting another book like Sherwood, which I loved. It wasn’t as good as Sherwood, but it was still enjoyable.

Oasis by Katya de Becerra

Rating: ★★★★★ Genre: Thriller Age Group: YA

Honestly, Oasis wasn’t scary, and felt more like a mystery. I loved it though. I’ll probably do a review on it soon as well. It focuses more on the psychological aspects of the characters and the mystery aspect of the actual oasis.

I read less books this month, but I was really busy, so at least I read some. I read a total of six books this month.

Total Books Read

I ready 26 books this quarter, which I’m pretty happy about.


I did seventeen posts (eighteen including this one) this quarter, which I think is a satisfactory number.

Reviews: I only did one review this quarter, the one on Quiet Power. I really want to start doing more reviews, at least five per quarter, but we’ll see how that goes.

When Shadows Come to Light: I’ve done seven installments of When Shadows Come to Light so far, and I’m really happy with how the story is progressing.

Tags: I did three tags this quarter, which is plenty for me.

Top Posts:

Top three posts for this quarter:

Blog Series and Childhood Stories

Guest Post

Reading Journal!

I hope you guys enjoyed this quarter wrap up! Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What were your takes on them? Let me know in the comments!

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