Bookish quiz || What type of book nerd are you?

Hi guys! I got this idea from Riddhi @ Whispering Stories and thought it’d be fun to do a bookish quiz. I’m honestly curious as to what I’ll be. Here’s the link. Here we go!

Question 1

I read on a budget, so I usually only buy books after I read it from the library. Even then, I sometimes buy them used.

Question 2

This is a super hard question. I don’t usually like covers due to the color, I like them because of the overall design. I guess I’ll pick navy.

Question 3

The plot and writing is important, but if the characters aren’t good, than I usually lose the motivation to read the book. They’re the ones the whole book is surrounded by, so they should be crafted well. Even still, I will DNF a book if there are too many errors in the writing, or if the plot doesn’t make sense, as that can ruin the book. Overall, in my opinion, characters are the most important.

Question 4

I don’t usually snack while I’m reading, but if I did, I would probably go with pretzels, as they’re less likely to mess up a book and they’re simple, so they wouldn’t distract me from the book either.

Question 5

I honestly don’t like any of these. I don’t usually use bookmarks, I just remember the page numbers. I guess I’ll go with what seems to be a Pride and Prejudice bookmark. I can’t tell exactly what it is.

Question 6

I haven’t read Harry Potter, so I don’t know who these people are. I went with the lady in the right bottom corner, because she looks cool. Comment down below if you know who she is.

Question 7

Dystopian. I don’t like “fluffy” books, so my favorite genres are dystopian and sci-fi, with the occasional fantasy, historical fiction or realistic fiction thrown in.

Question 8

I’m reading Wuthering Heights, so I’ll go with Queen of Air and Darkness, although I’d read the rest of the series first.


This seems somewhat accurate, but I don’t know how I feel about getting this.


7 thoughts on “Bookish quiz || What type of book nerd are you?”

  1. The lady who you didn’t know was Prof. McGonagall! She is Head of Gryffindor House, and I personally really like her because she is tough, even though I like Ravenclaw house the best.

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  2. It first said I was a casual book nerd, which is not true at all. So I took it again, and I got the same results as you. 😀

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