When Shadows Come to Light

When Shadows Come to Light: Memories

Ace woke up feeling like part of him was missing. Mr. Yates entered his office and peered into his face. “What happened?”

Fear crossed Ace’s features. “I don’t know.”

Mr. Yates eyes darkened, growing angry. “It was that girl. She’s been here. She’s wiped your memory. I’d know the effects of my power anywhere.” 

Cara’s thoughts: 

Where did my powers come from? Where did any of our powers come from? Why am I different?

Fifteen years previous: 

SECRET Files: Project Cnidarian Team Research Log

Project Cnidarian is initiated. The DNA is coming out perfectly, with the absorption defects still intact. The subject is a girl, and will be watched for the remainder of her life, without her knowing. 

She will be left at the government-run orphanage, protected by our affiliates there. 

Please note: there may be unexpected defects, as this is an experiment. If Project Cnidarian is undermined, or if there is a dangerous defect, the project is to be abandoned immediately, leaving no trace of its existence.



The girl is important. Too important to ignore. She’s dangerous, but we can handle her now that we know she’s alive. 

Author’s note: 

This edition was a bit choppy (and short). If you didn’t understand, here’s the gist of it.  Ace is told his memories are missing, and Mr. Yates realizes that Cara did it. Cara still wants answers, and SECRET’s log is exposed (whatever they are — I can’t expose all of my secrets yet) . Then, EVIL initiates their search for Cara. 

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