When Shadows Come to Light

When Shadows Come to Light: EVIL’s Orders

In EVIL’s headquarters: 


The headquarters exploded in chaos as workers scurried, trying to stay on the administration’s good side. 

In the auditorium, a man with a pinched smile and a suit that didn’t fit him right stepped up to the podium. 

“As you know, we are searching for a girl named Cara Burke, who could be of great use to our advancements in the world. Her mysterious powers must be observed scientifically for us to know the extent of them. This is very difficult to do, as those of you who were here with us when she was here may have noticed. As we are a group of unbiased citizens, we do not have any powers whatsoever, and oppose the safe house that contains many with powers, particularly protecting children. Their powers give them an unfair advantage in this world and here at EVIL, we strive to create a balance in this world and exterminate those with powers. Can I hear our motto?”

The entire auditorium raised their voices in a jarring monotone. “EVIL strives to create balance in this unbalanced world, learning what we can and eradicating anything that may get in our way.”

The man pursed his lips in a fake smile. “Thank you. Now, we will be creating an in depth search for Cara Burke. We will search the world if we need to. She could be a threat to our society, but she could help us remove those with powers. Separate into your teams and begin searching the city in a grid form. Don’t forget, if your team is not able to find any evidence about her, you will be removed and become an official enemy of EVIL. Have fun!”

With that, the man gave one last evil grin and walked away. The auditorium slowly filed out, the weight of their task resting on their shoulders. 


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