When Shadows Come to Light

When Shadows Come to Light: Captured (again)

SECRET broadcast: To all Project Cnidarian research team members: 

It is time to extract the girl. This was not in the original plan, but EVIL, her facility, and the government are getting out of control. They are an unexpected variable and must be eradicated. The girl can help us do that. As of now, every available worker must extract her with the utmost delicacy. 


In SECRET headquarters (Cara’s POV): 

I’m in an unknown location. I’m in a blindingly bright white room that looks much like the one I was trapped in during my childhood. The only difference is that I am under a machine that straps me onto the bed and is poking several needles into my skin. It has many lights that make it difficult to see and is making suspicious beeping noises. 

The glass door opens and someone walks in, wearing hazmat suits that are black instead of EVIL’s white ones. 

“I am with SECRET, or the Syndicate for Every Cause to Research in Engineering and Technology: Genetics Division: Subdivision: Project Cnidarian. We are the ones that created you. You will be helping us stop the other organizations from taking over. As I’m sure you can guess, you have no choice in the matter.”

“NO. I’m not doing this again. I am NOT a weapon. I am a HUMAN BEING and should be treated like one.”

“There will be serious retributions for this reaction.” and with that, he left me alone in the white room with the beeping machine. 

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