When Shadows Come to Light

When Shadows Come to Light: Wondering why || ft. Ace

I’m back! I’m so close to finishing, and I think that it will only go on for about two or three more weeks. I hope you’re enjoying it so far!

I wonder around, feeling an urgency in my very being, the reason why I’m here. I don’t even know where I am, just that it’s somewhere downtown. I peer into shop windows, suddenly feeling compelled to walk into a nearby alley. I move almost robotically, stopping when I reach a nondescript door. The back entrance to EVIL. I remember seeing people point it out as important. They are our enemies after all, we must keep close tabs on them. 

Why am I here? Shrugging, I walk through the door, surprised at the lack of security. Grabbing a lab coat off of a nearby rack, I try to blend in. 

Walking aimlessly through the hallways, I reach one filled with rooms lined with glass that contain nothing but a bed. After passing a few, I see children ranging from about two years old to around twelve. They all look the same: blank eyes, pale faces, gaunt frames. What has EVIL done to them? 

Finally, I reach the last room. It’s different from the others. A girl, obviously older than the others glares at a man in a lab coat taking notes. On what, I’m not sure. 

“Okay. I’m done. Do whatever you want. There isn’t any point anymore there’s no one else to share my life with, nothing else to do.” 

“No.” I say, surprised that I even uttered a word. I have to stop her. I have to. Startled, she looks up from where she’s standing. Her eyes widen and her face pales. The man in the lab coat looks at me with an evil grin. 

“This is an interesting plot twist”, he says, eyes flashing with malicious intent. 


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