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The Ones We’re Meant to Find || Book Review

Hi guys! Today I’m going to do a review of The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He.


This book alternates between the POVs of Cee and Kasey.

Cee is trapped on an island with no memories of how she got there or of her life before the island. The only thing that she can remember is that somewhere, across the large expanse of ocean she has a sister named Kay that she must find.

Kasey is a STEM prodigy living on an eco city created by her dad to protect those within from the disasters outside. Climate change has completely wrecked their world, and those inside the safe, but biased eco cities must spend as much time as possible in stasis pods, carrying out their lives virtually. When her sister Celia, a popular socialite, took a boat out to sea, never to return, Kasey was left to track her down.

Kasey knows the likelihood of finding Celia is small, but still, she strives to track down every last clue pertaining her sister’s life.


I loved the fact that this book was founded mainly on the concept of sisterly loyalty, it made it so much more endearing to me.

Kasey is such an intense character. She tries to trap all of her emotions in a logical rule following box, and you can really feel her struggles.

Cee is such a sweet character, I loved her even more due to later plot twists. I also enjoyed how much she loved the ocean.

Though the sisters love each other very much, it is interesting to see the stark differences in their characters and personalities, which made them relatable in different ways.

Celia had loved the sea. Loved the whitecaps that foamed like milk, the waltz of sunlight atop the peaks. Kasey did not. The sea was a trillion strands of hair, infinitely tangled on the surface and infinitely dense beneath. It distorted time: Minutes passed like hours and hours passed like minutes out there. It distorted space, made the horizon seem within reach.


The plot really kept me guessing… there’s one big plot twist in the end that spun my whole entire perspective around.

The imagery is also beautiful, and the whole book is filled with moments that really show emotion in the most heart wrenching and relatable ways.

Alone is an island. It’s an uncrossable sea, being too far from another soul, whereas lonely is being too close, in the same house yet separated by walls because we choose to be, and when I fall asleep, the pain of loneliness follows me as I dream of more walls


The Ones We’re Meant to Find was a beautiful read that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. It discusses family, love, and loneliness, and it incorporates a wonderful post apocalyptic world. It also has plenty of Asian and cultural representation as well.

Because of this, I gave it a full five stars.

Have you read The Ones We’re Meant to Find? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “The Ones We’re Meant to Find || Book Review”

  1. I really want to read this book, it sounds SO GOOD, but my library doesn’t have it yet sooo… I hope I get it at some point though! Your review makes it sound beautiful!

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