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Warcross || Book Review

Hi guys! I read Warcross by Marie Lu during the spring and loved it. I just read its sequel Wildcard a few weeks ago, and decided to write a review of its predecessor.


Warcross is a virtual reality game that has shaped the world. Teenage hacker Emika Chen is a bounty hunter, working to trap those who use the game for their illegal gain. Bounty hunting is competitive, but needing to make money, she hacks into the international world championships.

When she’s caught, she’s sure that she’ll go to prison– or worse. Instead, she gets a call from the game’s creator, who wants her to become his spy. Soon she’s sucked into a dangerous world of deception- one where it’s hard to see what’s real and what’s not.


I absolutely loved the way Marie Lu crafted Emika. She’s so independent and daring, and it’s really satisfying to watch her fight her way through the lies.

Every locked door has a key. Every problem has a solution.

Hideo (the creator of Warcross) is kind of cliché; he’s dark and mysterious and never shows his emotions. I loved him anyway, just because those kind of characters always intrigue me.


Honestly, the plot of this book was amazing. I never saw anything coming, and I can usually guess when certain things are coming.

There’s a huge plot twist at the end that confused me so much, but I loved it.

It’s heartbreaking and enthralling at the same time.

Warcross is also full of so many relatable things below the sci-fi surface.


Because of the above points, I decided to give Warcross five stars.

Have you read Warcross? Do you think it sounds good? Let me know in the comments!


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