Bookish quiz || Could You Solve a Maureen Johnson Mystery?

Hi guys! I’m back with another bookish quiz. I really enjoyed the whole Truly Devious series, and thought this would make a fun post. Here’s the link to the quiz if you’d like to take it too.

While I love both Poirot, Holmes, and Nancy Drew, I would rather work with Charlotte Holmes.

I would probably do option two if presented with this situation. Research is always a good go-to. Then maybe observe the scene.

I guess I’ll go with the second one. I love crosswords and word puzzles but I actually hate regular puzzles like number three.

Call for help.

I would choose the 1930s. Still enough technology to not be archaic but not too much to make it as hard as the modern day.

A notebook. You always need something to write things down in.

If it advanced the case, yes.

Solo for sure.


I hope you enjoyed this post. See you next week.


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