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Every Last Word || Book Review

Hi guys! Today I’m going to do a review of Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone. I read it a few days ago and loved it.


Samantha is one of the “popular girls”. She acts like them, talks like them, and looks like them. But she has a secret. She has Purely Obsessional OCD that she’s artfully hidden for years. She’s consumed by thoughts and worries about everything and anything.

It doesn’t help that her so called friends would ditch her with one wrong move. Sam stays with them not because she’s truly loyal to them anymore, but because she needs the protection of popularity.

When she meets Caroline, she has to keep their newfound friendship a secret. Who would accept her with a dorky friend with absolutely no sense of style? Caroline introduces her to the Poet’s Corner, a hidden group of overlooked people, and Sam finally feels normal, until she finds reason to question her sanity and everyone she holds dear.


First of all, I absolutely adored the Poet’s Corner. Each one of them was so special and flawed, and the poems that were included just added to the feel. All of them had their own struggles, but their acceptance and friendship with each other was truly wonderful.

Sam was a really interesting character. You could see how toxic her friends were and feel her struggles as she tries to stay with them. I loved how you could experience her every emotion, struggle, and thought along with her.

Weston was endearing, honestly (and not just because he slightly reminds me of West, my favorite character in Under a Painted Sky). He’s a wonderful musician, and I loved his songs. He’s extremely insecure and unsure of himself, which makes him even more realistic.

All of the characters seemed like real people. Not just amazing superheroes or something, they each had a flaw, and they didn’t all get along easily in the social realm.


To be honest, I thought the plot would be really simple: popular girl with a flaw ditches toxic friends for a real friend; falls in love with also flawed musician, and it all ends happily ever after.

Turns out, that was not true at all (some parts were, but not all of it). Towards the end, there was a really dramatic climax, and a plot twist that I never would have seen coming. While I valued the characters more than the plot in this book, the plot was still decent.


Because of all of this, I gave this book four stars. It was a really good read, but still a bit soft for my taste.

Have you read Every Last Word? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


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