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The Inheritance Games || Book Review

Hi guys! Today I’m going to do a book review of The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.


Avery Grambs is stuck in the dumps and she plans to survive high school, get a scholarship, and get out. Her luck changes when she’s left the inheritance of billionaire Tobias Hawthorne. She doesn’t even know who he is. Not about to lose her lucky break, she follows the instructions and moves to the Hawthorne House.

Unfortunately, others live there too- the entire family that he just ditched, including his four, dangerous grandsons. Greyson thinks she’s a con woman and is determined to take her down, and Jameson is sure that she’s his grandfather’s last puzzle. Trapped in a dangerous situation, she must play Tobias Hawthorne’s twisted game to survive.


Honestly, I loved the characters. They were just perfect. Throughout the entire book, I was struggling to decide which brother was my favorite and whether I should like them or Avery.

The differences between the brothers was slightly hilarious.

Nash, the oldest is some sort of Texan cowboy who seems not to care about being rich (though he most certainly does).

Greyson, the one everyone thought would be heir is pretty much a British mastermind (though he’s not British, he just acts like it). The way he seems to hate Avery so much is just perfect.

Jameson is honestly an enigma. I couldn’t understand him at all. Sometimes he was flippant and on Avery’s side, others he was an independent investigator.

Xander is the easiest to love. He’s the youngest brother and is pretty much innocent and just there to make you laugh.

Barnes built the characters in a wonderfully, making you love each one in a different way.


I thought when I started The Inheritance Games that it would just be a light, half-baked mystery redeemed by its characters but there were so many plot twists that it left you spinning. Between all of the twists and turns in the plot and confusing brother loyalties, you’re left reeling at the end.

“If there’s one thing the Hawthorne family isn’t, it’s fine. They were a twisted, broken mess before you got here, and they’ll be a twisted, broken mess once you’re gone.”

The Inheritance Games


Hands down, five stars. It’s honestly one of my favorite books that I’ve read this year (tied with The Ones We’re Meant to Find). I’m super excited for the publication of The Hawthorne Legacy (it’s sequel).

Have you read The Inheritance Games? If so, how did you like it? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “The Inheritance Games || Book Review”

  1. I recently read the inheritance games and I loved it! I completely agree with your thoughts on this book. I’m just eagerly awaiting to get my hands on Hawthorne legacy ahhahah. Great post!!

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