Character Cases || The Sidekick

Hi guys! This is my last post in my Character Cases series. You can check out the first post here and the second post here. What better to end it with than the sidekick? I feel like they’re often ignored, even though they’re sometimes better than the main character. Let’s get into it.

The Sidekick who Secretly likes the Protagonist

Description: Essentially, this character is a friend of the protagonist who spends the story secretly having a crush on them. At some point in the story, this is usually revealed, but they never end up together.

Traits: Sweet, loyal, somewhat shy/secretive.

Examples: Pretty much any book with a love triangle.

My opinions on this type: I think it’s sometimes sad or bittersweet when this happens, because nine times out of ten, the sidekick is honestly a sweet character, just not who the protagonist is meant to be with.

The Sidekick who has their own thing going on

Description: This sidekick has their own character arc that is important to the plot of the story. They don’t blend into the background, they have their own enemies (although they might be the same as the protagonist’s), backstory and things they care about. They’re almost like another main character.

Traits: There aren’t any defining traits for this character. They aren’t shy, but that’s pretty much it.

Examples: Pretty much everyone except Cinder in The Lunar Chronicles.

My opinion on this type: This is the most basic of the types, so I’m kind of neutral.

The Witty Sidekick

Description: They’re sarcastic (usually using it to hide past pain) and there for comic relief as well as for the plot.

Traits: Sarcstic

Examples: Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles, Oscar in the renegades trilogy.

That’s it for today and for this series. I hope you guys liked it! Next week, I’ve got one last character themed post to finish it out.


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